The Chester County Commissioners are working every day to advocate to the PA Department of Health of the need for more vaccines in Chester County.  We know that the process to try and find a vaccine has been frustrating and difficult and that there seem to be so many unnecessary obstacles.     
We are the 6th most populated county in the state, and we are one of the top economic drivers in the state, so sending more vaccines our way makes sense. We have proven to the State that we have the skills and the resources within the County Health Department to vaccinate everyone who wants it, as quickly as we can obtain the vaccine, and in a way that reaches EVERYONE.  We have reserved spaces for many vaccine clinics throughout the county that combined, can immunize up to 33,000 people a week.  We have two mobile clinics to take into communities where travel by individuals for the vaccine may be a challenge.  And we are investing in scheduling software that will help to keep vaccine appointment bookings personal and secure. 


Chester County Health Department Vaccine Information Page

Chester County Health Department COVID-19 FAQs

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